Left coast starts women’s lacrosse in 1903 (California)

San Francisco, California has been home to a number of great moments in history, and now its got another one. Women’s lacrosse! On June 28, 1903 San Francisco published a call to start a women’s lacrosse league. They claim to be in contact with other women’s teams in Canada, where they… Read more »

Lacrosse games began in Los Angeles during the 1800s

After having researched so much Minnesota history on lacrosse I felt compelled to turn that research back to my home town, Los Angeles. Sure enough there it was, just a decade after Minnesota settlers started playing in 1883, it was LA’s turn in 1891. Unusual as it may sound to… Read more »

1904 Olympic Lacrosse teams – What went wrong?

1904 Olympic Lacrosse teams – What went wrong? In our previous blog about the 1904 Olympics we discussed that only three lacrosse teams played in the 1904 Olympic Games. In addition, those teams were not the best available from the United States or Canada. So why? Why would countries not… Read more »

1904 – The First Olympics with Lacrosse

The first two Olympics in the modern era had taken place in Europe, Greece (1896), and Paris (1900).  Lacrosse had not been featured in either of those Olympics. The 1904 Olympics were awarded to the United States, the first Olympic Games on the American Continent. The city who won the… Read more »

1905 – A United States President decides the fate of lacrosse in favor of football

In 1905 an opportunity appeared that many lacrosse enthusiast had been waiting for, an chance to replace football as America’s sport. In 1905 there were 18 deaths and nearly 150 injuries in football. Colleges were disgusted with students being injured and in some cases dying on the football field. The President… Read more »