Book Review – Games of the North American Indians

Author Stewart Culin’s book is “THE SOURCE”  that many lacrosse books are based on, including my own. Culin assembled the work by many individuals who traveled North America collecting and documenting the First Nation games. Culin’s book presents activities by nation, by type of game, with diversity ranging from the Hopi, Dakota, Ojibwe, Iroquois, and so many others. His sketch work of artifacts and game activtiies is amazing and insightful.

If you are serious about learning the detailed games of the First Nations before boarding schools started their assimilation practices, this book is it. Culin’s work is over 800 pages and I cannot stress enough how valuable it will be to your research in learning more about all games played and how they fit in the culture at the time.

With that said, this is not an easy read, and even harder to acquire as it is no longer in print. Below is a link to Amazon but it may not be available there at times. Check online at used book sources like or your local vintage book store and get on there list for this book.

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