Book Review – St. Leonards Cradle of Lacrosse by Jane Claydon

Jane Claydon provides a unique and heavily researched work using the archives and school records of St. Leonards school for girls. Claydon’s book documents the early girls lacrosse games as played by the houses and the great legacy of their former students returning the game to North America, including Rosabelle Sinclair.

If your goal is to learn more about the formation and start of girls lacrosse and why its different from boys lacrosse, this is your book. Comments on why the faceoff is called the draw, and why it moved to a standing position are just a few things you will learn.

Although recently published in 2009 the book is now out of print. I was able to get my copy at the US Lacrosse museum during a visit there in 2012.

St Leonards: Cradle of Lacrosse: The Introduction of Lacrosse at St Leonards School and the Influence the School Had on the Development of Lacrosse Elsewhere

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