Left coast starts women’s lacrosse in 1903 (California)

San Francisco, California has been home to a number of great moments in history, and now its got another one. Women’s lacrosse!

On June 28, 1903 San Francisco published a call to start a women’s lacrosse league.

San Francisco news article on Women's Lacrosse, June 28, 1903

San Francisco news article on Women’s Lacrosse, June 28, 1903

They claim to be in contact with other women’s teams in Canada, where they said it was gaining in popularity.

The article includes references on what to wear and why women may be very good at this game. Unlike football and baseball, they claimed women could adopt it like they had tennis and golf.

Quotes from the article

“And if some are to set the fashion, why should not those be our own California girls? Where can more independent, spirited, healthy, athletic, breezy, out-doorcy and original onea be found than in this Western State of ours? “

“It’s a strenuous game that even in Its mildest form would probably go basketball one better. The costume must be prepared with reference to this fact. But it need not be ungraceful for all that. A short sklrt would be required for running—! It ought to be shorter than a golf skirt.”

Wow, could it be that the skirt idea we use today came from the California Lacrosse programs?

Obvisously the women’s lacrosse did not go far in California at the start of the 20th century, but it’s back now and stronger than ever.

Go Cali!

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