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Childs family at Cory’s wedding in 2015

J. Alan Childs was born in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. He relocated, with his wife Candy, to Minnesota in 1992 where his kids began their hockey careers. His motivation was to move was so his kids could grow up playing his favorite sport, hockey.

Soon the kids found a new game starting up in Minnesota in the 1990s called lacrosse. All five kids have played both sports, hockey and lacrosse. The kids names are beginning with the oldest is Courtney, Cory, Jace, Bailey, and Brody.

After learning about the origins of lacrosse in the area from local guides such as Mark Hellenack and Dan Ninham his interest in the sport grew. The Childs family help start the first lacrosse team in their city of Savage called the Turf Surfers in 2005. (The family ran a traveling AAA hockey team called the Ice Surfers, so the name it kinda made sense at the time)

Ice Surfers T-shirt logo

Ice Surfers T-shirt Logo

Savage Turf Surfers 2005

Savage Turf Surfers 2005 Stillwater Lumberjack Days

in 2006 the Childs Family started the Burnsville Youth Lacrosse program under the Burnsville Athletic Club (BAC) organization for youth sports in school district 191. The Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota (YLM) league formed in 2006 with Burnsville as a founding member of the league.

Courtney played hockey and lacrosse at The Academy of Holy Angels, and is now married with two daughters, Charlee and Penny.

Cory Childs played lacrosse at Prior Lake High School, then continued to play lacrosse at Trine University and Carthage College. Cory now runs the Frog Lacrosse youth training program with his wife Laura. They have three daughters.

Jace Childs played hockey and lacrosse at Burnsville high school. He then played junior hockey with several teams, and now attends Indiana Tech playing both hockey and lacrosse.

Bailey played lacrosse for Burnsville high school and now helps coach the high school team. Currently playing lacrosse at Indiana Tech University.

Brody Childs wrote the comic book Flamethrowers which his father turned into a book in 2010. Brody attends and plays lacrosse at Burnsville High School.

Alan now spends his free time traveling the lacrosse world learning more and writing about the sport of lacrosse. His most recent book, Minnesota Lacrosse: A History, tells the story of the first lacrosse players in Minnesota as far back as the 1600s and how the sport thrived until about 1912.