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Flamethrowers – Guardians of the game: A Lacrosse Story
Volume One – Owl Nation

Flamethrowers: Guardians of the game is chapter book series written for youth between the ages of 6 – 12. The series has two books in it now with more stories to be released each year going forward.  The fictional story is based in the Midwest and features youth players learning about the game of lacrosse.

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Back Cover Text
The first team sport was given to the First Nations by the Creator. The first players called it “The Creator’s Game”
Flamethrowers were given special sticks by the Creator to teach and watch over the sport. But there was a betrayal, a Nation lost, and the Creator removed the Flamethrowers.

But they left something behind…

Kenny lives in a mining town located on the Iron Range in Minnesota. His entire family plays hockey. Only one problem for Kenny – he hates hockey. Then fate finds Kenny in a cave where he discovers a stone box containing a special stick. Kenny seeks out a storyteller to find out the origin of the stick. Join Kenny as he searches for the story and discovers a dark side that he must face.

Book TWO released November 20, 2016
Flamethrowers – Guardians of the game
Volume Two – Polar Bear Lacrosse

This is book two in the series and takes the characters north to the edge of Hudson Bay. There they find a new Flamethrower stick and meet a new struggle.

Book Two
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Back Cover Text
Kenny has become a Flamethrower and now must help White Crane find the next lacrosse stick to be revealed, the polar bear. The polar bear lacrosse stick is a powerful tool that brings a strong force to the Flamethrower who wields it.

But where is it?

Kenny, Casey, and White Crane travel north to meet Tyson who lives among the polar bears on the shores of Hudson Bay. Tyson lost his father and brother to a polar bear attack when he was younger. Tyson teams up with group from Minnesota to find the lacrosse stick, only to find a surprise person has beat them to it. Come join the team on their journey to locate the polar bear lacrosse stick and learn more secrets about the Flamethrowers

After starting the Flamethrower Volume 2 story, which is based in Manitoba,
I was researching about lacrosse at the Manitoba Archives and came across the following headline:
“Winnipeg welcomes the Lacrosse Champions of America, The St. Paul Lacrosse Club”
WHAT??? Champions of America in lacrosse? St. Paul? Really?

I spent the next five years researching and documenting the game of lacrosse in Minnesota from the arrival of the Ojibwe in the 1600s to the white settlers arriving after treaties.

Minnesota Lacrosse: A History
The book will be published and available for sale on December 1, 2015.
Kindle edition is also available on Amazon.

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Picture Book
Flamethrower Lacrosse Stories – Can I Play?
Now that I have five grandchildren I decided to work on a picture book on the sport of lacrosse. Its based on the Flamethrower characters and tells the story of the Frog who does not fit on a team of animals or fish. His friend the Rabbit helps him find his way to play in a great game of lacrosse and shows the other animals and fish that he has a special lacrosse weapon.

Release Date: January 1, 2017

Now Available
32 full color pages

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