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Book Review – St. Leonards Cradle of Lacrosse by Jane Claydon

Jane Claydon provides a unique and heavily researched work using the archives and school records of St. Leonards school for girls. Claydon’s book documents the early girls lacrosse games as played by the houses and the great legacy of their former students returning the game to North America, including Rosabelle Sinclair. If your… Read more »

Book Review – Games of the North American Indians

Author Stewart Culin’s book is “THE SOURCE”  that many lacrosse books are based on, including my own. Culin assembled the work by many individuals who traveled North America collecting and documenting the First Nation games. Culin’s book presents activities by nation, by type of game, with diversity ranging from the Hopi, Dakota, Ojibwe, Iroquois, and… Read more »

Book Review – Creator’s Game: A Story of Baaga’adowe/Lacrosse

Art Coulson’s book is targeted at the youngsters wanting to learn some interesting perspectives of lacrosse from the First Nation point of view. Coulson who is Cherokee himself, tells a  wonderful story about the special culture of lacrosse. Highly recommended for the young reader. Published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press… Read more »

Book Review – Lacrosse A History of the Game by Donald M. Fisher

Lacrosse: A History of the Game Authored by Donald M. Fischer this is a research project into the history of lacrosse within the context of the social issues going on at the time. Fischer does a wonderful and detailed job of explaining major events in the growth and development of lacrosse… Read more »