Trivia Card Game

As people have began giving me feedback on my lacrosse history book, I kept hearing, “I never knew that!”. Again, and again I heard them. So people asked if there was a trivia game that covered some of these topics on lacrosse. I looked around and found nothing to point people towards. So I worked with a few people and we created one.


This trivia card game has 50 TOUGH questions on the history of the game of lacrosse. If you have read books by of Thomas Vennum, Donald Fisher, or Bob Scott you have a chance. If not this could be pretty frustrating. Which is why we did multiple choice question to help newbies to lacrosse have a shot. Every question has four options to choose from. We also include a level of difficulty rating to help you track with points or just relate to how tough each question is. Rating system is 1 to 5 with 5 being the most difficult. There are not many level 1 questions.

Trivia Categories:
Native roots – First Nation trivia on the Creator’s game
USA –  National amateur lacrosse league, first lacrosse league in the USA
There are rules – Official rules changes before 1975
Olympic glory – Lacrosse teams in the Olympics
Oh, Canada – People and styles of early lacrosse in Canada
Women’s lacrosse – Early days of women’s lacrosse and their evolution
Hmmmmmmm – A potpourri of random lacrosse trivia

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